Musical «Funny Adventures of Pippi and Her Friends»

Musical «Funny Adventures of Pippi and Her Friends»

Once Pippi Longstocking brought with her on a spring vacation a huge heavy suitcase, but no one knows what's inside. On a bright, sunny day, the girl was so carried away by the games that she did not notice how the cunning thieves Carl and Blom had stolen the suitcase. To help Pippi hurry brave Baby and Carlson, who together with her will search for the loss and unravel this detective knot.

But not only good characters will go for a suitcase. The incomparable Freken Bock, along with his Girlfriends-Plushka and Miracle-Hoover, will also be on the trail of the missing suitcase. Amazing reincarnations, songs and dances, fights, chases and circus numbers with trained animals await young guests. And find out what lies in Peppy's Suitcase, you can if you come to us for a holiday! Pippi Longstocking will not let you miss a minute. It's always fun and interesting!


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