Faded. Fantasy

Faded. Fantasy

Trancemission "Fantasy" -a new, 28th in a row, part of the iconic electronic event From radio Record. This time the festival will unfold in a fictional world, where visitors will meet with supernatural phenomena and creatures.

The main hero of the fairy story will be a truly mythological figure-a brilliant German musician, DJ and producer ATB! Over the 20 years of his career, he has released 10 Studio albums, three of which have become platinum. ATB is one of the first DJs whose popularity has gone beyond the electronic scene. Since the mid-90s and the legendary "Till I come", the tracks of this musician topped the charts around the world. Fans for many years dreamed of his return to Russia. And here is, Transmission and Radio Record are transforming fairy tale in reality.

Traditionally, the festival will be attended by his inspirer — Feel, as well as other stars of the TRANS scene. This time the Transmission will take place in a completely new location — DC Gas. After the reconstruction, the spacious area will open its doors for electronic music lovers for the first time.


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Playbill for the next few days

Faded. Fantasy
Oct 12, 23:55 Fr

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