The play «Nutcracker and the Mouse King»

The play «Nutcracker and the Mouse King»

In this play, as well as in the fairy tale of the famous German writer E.-T.-A. Hoffmann, there is nothing unchanging, nothing is the only possible. The big becomes small, dense - ethereal. The only and triumphant reality is the reality of the poetic fantasy of an amazing, wise, ironic storyteller. You will see and experience the amazing, strange and magical world of Hoffmann's fairy tale, the world of dreams, dreams and sorcery. It is very difficult to tell in a few words about what is happening in this play: the multi-layered fantastic world of Hoffmann's fairy tale requires the producers of such a deep and multi-layered reading. The director, artist, composer and actors created on the stage a terrific world combining the means of shadow theater, animation, as well as puppet opera, multi-scale dolls and scenery; dolls, similar to people, and people like puppets.

In one scenic space, there is a night city with Christmas trees in burning windows and a tiny living room in the house of Stalbaums, in which elegant guests dance; The same living room, but strangely changed and become tens of times larger; a children's room, which becomes the arena of military operations with battle scenes and a toy army, for the time being standing in the closet; The marzipan kingdom with the palace of Princess Pirlipat, as well as the mysterious Author, which is becoming small, big, then quite tiny. In general, come and see everything yourself!


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