The play «Elion. Version 2.0»

The play «Elion. Version 2.0»

Elyon is a fantastic planet, similar to Earth, its second version. And the creatures that inhabit it are very similar to us. Elves, gnomes, trolls, orcs, titans, being different peoples, united to resist evil and violence. This is the idea of ​​our performance: the differences between us exist only in order that each new meeting, a new acquaintance, bring mutual interest and unite us. Each of us with you, such as he is, not a superman, is able to do good deeds.

This is an adventure story in which the main character is the most ordinary boy of fifteen. Together with him we will go on a trip to the planet Elyon, to where the high heavens and countless stars, impenetrable jungles, ancient castles, labyrinths, flying ships. Our hero is to find true friends, survive betrayal, experience joy and grief as sharp as blades, and it is he who is destined to save the planet Elyon from destruction!


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