The play «Tale of Tsar Saltane»

The play «Tale of Tsar Saltane»

A playful performance in two parts, with a prologue, an epilogue, songs, dances, chases, the Princess-Swan, Prince Gvidon, Baba Babarikh, 33 heroes and all the other characters of Pushkin's famous fairy tale! For viewers from 7 years. And! And, of course! Mamas, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers!

... One evening, King Saltan, quite by accident passing by the house of three sisters, heard their conversation ... And then there was a wedding! But the story, as you remember, does not end there, but only begins. And each of the heroes will certainly get what he deserved: Prince Gvidon will overcome all obstacles and meet the beautiful Swan Princess, ... and the insidious Weaver, Cook and Babaraha, after all the troubles created by them, will remain with nothing. In our performance, Pushkin's lyrics and humor combine with the gay reflections of schoolchildren of grades 3-6 of the St. Petersburg schools about her.

For example: "... and then 33 people came out of the sea, here this swan turned into a wonderful girl, and the prince invited everyone to a feast: Babaryhu, with a bite in his right eye, and Weaver, with a bite in his left, and Cook, with bite in the nose. "Then they all confessed their sins ...". "... but Gvidon was not a fool, he saw them in the lake, and how he threw a stone at the kite - he was frightened and drowned ..."


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