The play «ZHOLDAK DREAMS: Stealer of Senses»

The play «ZHOLDAK DREAMS: Stealer of Senses»

"Zholdak Dreams: the kidnappers of the senses" is an explosive mixture of intellectual game, action-thriller, thriller and comedy. Putting on the stage BDT a bold, exciting and frankly ironic performance, Andriy Zholdak - one of the most recognized directors of our time, shares his views on the theater, cinema, contemporary culture, love and freedom of man in art with the audience.

The energy of the scene in "Zholdak Dreams" faces the aesthetics of world cinema - from Hitchcock and Kubrick to Lynch and Tarantino, and the theater hall turns into an art-house cinema hall. Heroes Zholdak performed by young artists BDT - bad guys, rebellious girls, rock stars, gangsters, sensual eccentrics - sing, dance, laugh and love with all the passion and energy of youth.


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