Ballet «F63.9»

Ballet «F63.9»

F63.9 is the international code assigned to the disease "love" in the official classification of diseases of the World Health Organization. "Obtrusive thoughts about another person, sharp mood swings, rash, impulsive actions," in a word - love - doctors placed among other diseases of the psyche in the section "disorder of habits and drives." Choreographer Alexei Kononov turned to reflections on the "illness" that provokes a conflict of consciousness, in the context of the myth about Fedra and the tragedy of Marina Tsvetaeva, inspired by this myth.

Phaedra, the second wife of the Athenian King Theseus, fell in love with her stepson Hippolytus. Not meeting the reciprocity, the queen slandered Hippolytus, which provoked his death, and committed suicide. Evripid and Seneca turned to the story of the queen, who lost her mind from love, Jean Racine wrote the famous tragedy of "Phaedra". His heroine called her feelings "a terrible disease" and admitted: "Unsusable came to me love!".

The understanding of love as a disease, the identification of love with pain is the basis of Marina Tsvetaeva's worldview, in the poem "Signs" she wrote: "I recognize love in pain ...". Marina Tsvetaeva repeatedly appealed to the image of the queen, and in 1927 wrote the tragedy "Phaedra." The love of a woman for a boy in this play is not an expression of vice and pathology, as in the earlier interpretations of the myth, but a natural, albeit painful, painfully acute feeling.

The ballet director F63.9, the choreographer Alexei Kononov, makes the audience think about whether we love today just as people loved in antiquity, or over time the feeling that a person loses his mind has seriously changed. Now, when love is declared a disease, can this conflict be regarded with consciousness as a pathology? And does not it mean the love of a fusion as a whole, as well as the overcoming of the eternal conflict between the soul and the body?


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