Walking tour «Peter and Paul Fortress - Heart of St. Petersburg»

Walking tour «Peter and Paul Fortress - Heart of St. Petersburg»

How much usually escapes our view, accustomed to the greatness of the city, which has become the background for the most important historical events! We will try to correct this by looking in the heart of Petersburg. Our walk through the Peter and Paul Fortress begins with the Ioannovsky Bridge (the head of the Gorgon of Medusa), the first permanent bridge of the city. Next, we will pass through the Peter's Gate, learn about the symbols and legends of the city, hear the legend of Andrew the First-Called, and approach the Sovereign bastion and a foundation stone.

At the Nevsky Gate, the guide tells us about the history with the commandants, we will see the Naryshkin Bastion (the place where the cannon was fired), go to the prison (the courtyard with the bath), we will see the place of execution - Nikolsky Gate - and we will go out to the Cathedral Square.
In this excursion we will recall the architectural guards of the main city fortress, the prisoners of the Trubetskoi bastion and the tragedy of the Romanov dynasty, decipher one of the most outstanding monuments of Russian military glory, talk about the history of the fortress and its fate in the fateful historical periods. The tour is conducted through the territory of the fortress and does not include visits to museums. The end of the excursion at the monument to Peter 1.


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