Opera «Dido and Aeneas»

Opera «Dido and Aeneas»

On the stage of the White Hall of the "Through the Looking Glass" theater, the St. Petersburg public will be represented by G. Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas. It will be performed by the students of the graduate course of the Russian State Technical University (course of the People's Artist of Russia, Professor A. V. Petrov). The youth composition of the performance corresponds to the traditions of execution of the Purcell masterpiece. Recall that for the first time Dido and Aeneas sang in the boarding school ladies in Chelsea, and after a long and undeserved oblivion, almost two hundred years later, the opera was performed by students of the Royal Academy of Music of London.

The action in the "behind the mirror" version will take place in the English women's college, where the rehearsals of Dido and Aeneas take place, and the life lines of Didona and Elizabeth playing it naturally intertwine. The director of the play Vasily Zarzhetsky acted as the author of the dialogues, elegantly compiling the texts from Shakespeare's plays.


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