The play Of Andrei Mighty «Governor»

The play Of Andrei Mighty «Governor»

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The story "Governor" is the response of the symbolist writer to the assassination of the Moscow governor-general, Grand Duke Sergei Aleksandrovich, by the SRK Kaliaev. By the volume of meanings, condensed narrative is not even a story, but an existential microman. The protagonist, the mayor, who gave the order to shoot the crowd of striking workers, reinterprets what happened and anticipates his own death.

But the revolution is only the background of the spectacle, in the center of it is the private history of a person who leads a difficult, painful dialogue with himself, with his own conscience, who lives in constant expectation of death. As a result, it is this background - a crushing, irrational, inexorable force and kills it. The tragedy of destroying the "man-post", following the logic of the order, the logic of power, releases the person in the governor as a person, in all her defenselessness and loneliness in the face of death.

The artist of the play is Alexander Shishkin, the permanent co-author of Andrei Moguchy. The costume designer is Sergey Illarionov. The musical design of the Governor includes excerpts from several works by Oleg Karavaychuk, as well as Arseniy Avramov's "The Horn Symphony". The premiere of the performance took place in the BDT on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in 2017.


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