Show «PassionTango by Astor Piazzolla»

Show «PassionTango by Astor Piazzolla»

Throughout the world millions of people dream to see how the tango dance and how to grasp its enchanting passion. Tango is a world full of secrets and mysteries. Tango is, first of all, feelings, emotions and passion! Beauty, elegance, elegance - all this is in tango!

On February 10, 2018, on Saturday, at 19:00, the Symphony Orchestra "CONCORD ORCHESTRA" invites you to its annual unparalleled Festive Show "TANGO PASSION Astor Piazzzolla". This show is dedicated to Valentine's Day. For many years it has become already traditional in St. Petersburg and as always will take place on the stage of the BKZ "October". In this musical and dance project, the flaming dance of tango and the passion of Astor Piazzzulla's music merge into one! In the show passions will be played out, which will be transmitted with the help of refined choreography and, of course, emotions. Thanks to the uniqueness of this combination, the terrific beauty show "TANGO PASSION Astor Piazzolla" with incredibly bright dance numbers and beautiful tango music has appeared!

The project was created by the Symphony Orchestra "CONCORD ORCHESTRA". The show's producer is the famous Argentine choreographer Silvio GRAND, who is a real star of tango. The festive show is attended by dancers - prize-winners of the Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango, in the category of Tango Escenario, Buenos Aires, Argentina and winners of the Tango Dance World Championship, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Argentine tango theater "Tango JAM Club", choreographer- director A.Mayorov. You will hear "The Golden Voice of Tango" - Cesar Camargo and Martin Alvarado (Argentina), who will perform for you songs of real Argentine tango. The new program, performed by the Symphony Orchestra "CONCORD ORCHESTRA", will feature the most popular works by the legendary composer Astor Piazzolla "Rinascero", "Escualo", "Oblivion", "Adios Nonino", "Libertango" and concerts from the series "Seasons in Buenos Aires" ".

For all spectators in red dresses special holiday gifts are prepared! Your festive outfit may contain a red color - a red dress or a red scarf, a red blouse or red shoes. All this will create an unforgettable atmosphere of unity of thousands of beautiful people in festive colorful outfits! The festive show "TANGO PASSION Astor Piazzolla" is the most exciting and dynamic show in the world! On the eve of Valentine's Day, February 10, 2018, BKZ "October" will become the embodiment of true passion, dance and love. Give your beloved sunny mood of Argentina!

Tickets for the Festive show "TANGO PASSION Astor Piazzolla" can be presented to the Day of Lovers as a gift that will help to tell about your feelings to the person you love!

Participants of the show:

  • Symphony Orchestra "CONCORD ORCHESTRA"
  • Artistic director and chief conductor Fabio PIROLA
  • Dancers - Silvio GRAND, Argentine star, winners of the Tango Dance World Championship (Argentina) and the prize winners of the Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango in the category of Tango Escenario
  • "Tango JAM Club" - Argentinean Tango Theater, choreographer A.Mayorov
  • Vocalists - Cesar CAMARGO "The Golden Voice of Tango", S. Iskakova the winner of the contest "Astor PIAZZOLLA MUSIC AWARDS" and the Best Voice of Argentina Martin Alvarado (Argentina)
  • The show's producer Silvio GRAND (Argentina)


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