Circus Of Buryatia «Legends Of Lake Baikal»

Circus Of Buryatia «Legends Of Lake Baikal»

Performers of the State Circus of the Republic of Buryatia will perform at the historical arena of the circus Ciniselli. For the Circus of Buryatia, performing in such a glorified place is another challenge, because in the arena of one of the oldest circuses of Russia only the best bands perform.

Artists of the Buryat Circus in the cultural capital of the country will present the program "Legends of Lake Baikal", which the residents of Yakutsk and Khabarovsk managed to estimate. This will be the only performance of the Circus of Buryatia, timed to the celebration of Sagaalgan - the most important holiday of the Mongolian peoples, which is timed to the beginning of the New Year according to the lunar calendar. Powerful energy, the spirit of the nomadic people, the ethnic sounds of folk instruments, the incredible skill of circus performers who perform all the tricks without insurance, will attract attention and enthrall people of all ages.

The fabulous atmosphere during performances of artists is created due to the unique musical accompaniment and costumes created by hand, trick combinations and modern choreography. The main number of the show is a legend about the great love of the daughter of the gray-haired Baikal, the beautiful Angara and Yenisei, who will be performed by air gymnasts under the dome of the circus.


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