The play «Bird Language»

The play «Bird Language»

Together with the center for social rehabilitation, education and creativity for adults with autism "Anton is here"

"Language of birds" is a performance in which people with developmental features participate along with professional actors. The performance arose as a result of the experimental theater project "Meeting" (a joint initiative of the BTT named after GA Tovstonogov and the center for creativity, education, training and social rehabilitation for adults with autism "Anton is here").

The production is based on the same-named philosophical poem by the Sufi Persian thinker Farid ad-Din Attar, written around 1175. The ancient text allows the creators of the play to talk about the most important and at the same time very simple things - love, loneliness, joy, confusion. The image of birds going on a long journey in search of themselves, is ideal for describing the group of artists BDT and students of the center "Anton is here", who have been searching for their special "bird" language for more than a year. It is the language of the body, looks, sounds and silence - a language that allows all participants in the performance to speak on equal terms, speak more boldly than with ordinary words.

There are no roles in the play in the usual sense, but there is a play structure, there is no play, but there are monologues - the students of the center "Anton here by themselves" wrote them independently. An important role in the production of music is played by the orchestra "Anton is here" and its leader, avant-garde musician, art director of the Creative Union "Apozitsia" Alexei Plusunin, whose improvisations accompany the stage action. The participants of the performance perform spiritual verses and songs of Tver, Belgorod and Yaroslavl regions under the direction of Anna Vishnyakova, head of the musical part of BDT.

The premiere of the performance took place on December 14, 2015 in the framework of the IV St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. In May 2016, the performance was shown in the framework of the May showcase of the St. Petersburg theaters - an international show of performances, in which festival producers and experts from different countries get acquainted with the best productions of St. Petersburg. BDT named after GA Tovstonogov is the first theater of the federal level, which began in Russia a systematic work to support people with autism spectrum disorder.


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