The play «Medea»

The play «Medea»

The myth of Medea - a Colchian princess, a sorceress, the beloved Argonaut Jason, who fled with him from Colchis to Greece, but, after all, a devoted husband is one of the favorite subjects of European culture. At different times, he was inspired by the dramas of Euripides and Seneca, the operas of Cherubini and Charpentier, the films of Pasolini, Trier and reflected the tragic experience of the 20th century by Heiner Müller. A new play by the young Petersburg director, laureate of the Proryv prize, by Evgeniya Safonova, is born at the intersection of various projections of this textbook antique plot, diametrically different from each other not only in language and style, but also in the viewpoint of the events of the myth. What is betrayal? What does it mean to be a stranger? What is the nature of "male" and "female"? The new work of the Lensovet Theater will be devoted to searching for actual answers to these eternal questions.


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