The play «Red Viburnum»

The play «Red Viburnum»

"Bold director's decision", "It looks like a challenge," "Simple and clear stories, the psychology of the average person" - as critics wrote about Dmitry Petrun's past productions. He shoots films, puts on performances, and on the stage of the theater "Russian Song" decided to translate the film story of Vasily Shukshin "Kalina Krasnaya".

Dmitry Petrun: "This story is about the openness that is currently lacking, about the eternal search for a better life, about a man who wants to get emotional emotionally, but finds satisfaction and real happiness at rest, finds shelter on his native land. My main task is to get away from Shukshin, a textbook based on his text, tell my story, to ensure that viewers do not have a desire to compare the performance with a famous film. "

The film "Red Kalina" was released on the screens of the country in 1974, in which Vasily Shukshin appeared as a screenwriter, director and actor. The main role in the film was performed by his wife - actress Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina. 43 years later, in the performance of the Russian Song Theater, Luba Baikalova was played by their daughter Maria Shukshina.

One of the most intriguing questions - who will get the role of Yegor Prokudin, because she was uniquely performed, lived in the film by Shukshin himself? The director of the play chose charismatic actors - Andriy Merzlikin and Yuri Kataev. They, each in their own way, have to rethink and bring to the viewer the contradictory, unpredictable, complex image of Egor.

"Red Kalina" is a musical performance. Music complements the text of Shukshin, reveals new deep meanings, helps to approach the understanding of such a contradictory and bottomless soul of a Russian person. In the performance of Nadezhda Babkina and the collectives of the theater, lyrical, comic, round-dance, spiritual songs and romances sound that form a whole stratum of Russian traditional culture.


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