World premiere! Musical comedy «YefkinCat»

World premiere! Musical comedy «YefkinCat»

The producer company MakersLab has been provoking the theatrical world of St. Petersburg for several years. The musical "Master and Margarita" gave us faith that the impossible is possible. "Demon Onegin" showed that you can live anew and know the price of true love. "Miracle-Yudo" demonstrated that even the most restless and gadget-dependent children can look at the scene for two hours with bated breath, and follow the intricacies of a detective fairy tale. The musical "Oscar and the Pink Lady" changed the world around - and through tears of purification brought us all back to the true value system. We cried with you ...

And now it's time to laugh. We have prepared for you a comedy - funny to tears. You can talk about the merits and demerits of our musicals, but comedy is the most honest genre, and then, brother, if the audience laughs without fatigue, then we won. They say that the Russians have forgotten how to laugh ... Americans buy a ticket to the theater for $ 300 and laugh to the colic in the stomach, (even if not very funny) just because they know - laughter prolongs life. The ticket for the musical "YoshkinKot" is cheaper - but you will not be laughing from it. But how we will do it - we will keep it a secret until the premiere ...

Enough to be serious - because all the nonsense is done with this expression. Smile, gentlemen! . Laugh until you drop. So, the comedy "EshkinKot" - the entrance is only absolutely not summer. I mean, come at any age, when a sense of humor was born! Laugh, gentlemen! We prolong life!


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