The play «Gambler»

The play «Gambler»

The play "The Gambler" is a free interpretation on the themes of Dostoevsky's novel, a fantasy created by the director specifically for the actress Svetlana Kryuchkova, who plays several roles in the new production - she and the croupier, and the reporter who broadcasts the scene, and finally, the extravagant and domineering Babulenka ("la baboulinka") - Antonida Vasilevna Tarasevicheva, a rich Russian landowner, around the figure and, most importantly, the state of which the passions of the spa town of Rulengenburg are seething.

There are a lot of choreographic and musical numbers in the play, the characters sing foreign hits of different years, from "Paroles, paroles" Gianni Ferrio to "Mein herz brennt" Rammstein. The role of Alexei Ivanovich, a companion of Babulenka in the game of roulette, is performed by theater and film actor Vladimir Koshevoi. In the role of his beloved, Polina Alexandrovna, - actress BDT Polina Tolstun.


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