Peter Dranga. Show With Orchestra

Peter Dranga. Show With Orchestra

Show Time Company presents on March 6 on the stage of the Lensovet Palace a festive show of virtuoso accordionist Peter Drang with the orchestra will take place. Peter Dranga is a famous musician, laureate of international competitions. The high level of the musician's skill is spoken not only by his numerous admirers and, in particular, by fans and a tight tour schedule, but also by frequent performances on central Russian TV channels. The musician performs virtuosic author's versions of world-known hits, but in addition Peter Dranga is the author of talented and vivid compositions.

The musician promises that during his performance in the Lensovet Palace, many works will be performed for the first time. Some compositions have a pronounced ethnic orientation and will be performed only during the show. Throughout the concert Peter Dranga will perform musical works accompanied by professional musicians of the orchestra. This will make the program even more interesting and unforgettable.

You will find a unique spectacular show of sound and light. The long-awaited concert of Peter Dranga will be a wonderful gift for all fans of music in general and a talented musician in particular. We are waiting for you on March 6 in the Palace of Culture of the Leningrad City Council.

Duration: 2 hours


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