«Unfading Stars: Gurchenko, Martynov, Tolkunova»

«Unfading Stars: Gurchenko, Martynov, Tolkunova»

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Synergistic performance of two St. Petersburg singers Julia Snezhina and Yevgeny Yuzhin. "Quenching Stars" is not a "parody show", but a musical offering to three great Artists of the XX century: singer Valentina Tolkunova, film actress Lyudmila Gurchenko and composer Yevgeny Martynov. These three names are unforgettable, because their work is remembered and loved by the audience, imitated by them, young artists are equal to their skill level.

Martynov's songs will be performed this evening by the golden tenor of Russia Evgeny Yuzhin, and the songs from the repertoire of Tolkunova and Gurchenko are exquisite Julia Snezhina. And it will not just be a concert. Three acting destinies, filled with joys, sorrows, ups and downs, recognition of the public and oblivion, friendship and betrayal, will be intertwined on the stage for one evening. Together we will remember their songs, their life paths, their roles in the cinema.

Especially for this event Julia and Eugene prepared special stage costumes: L. Gurchenko's extravagant stylistics gave way to E. Martynov's sunny images and touching and clean feminine outfits V. Tolkunova. The picture is complemented by video installations that tell about the life and work of the Artists.

Such popular hits as "Swan fidelity", "I can not do otherwise", "Five minutes", "Alyonushka", "Standing at a half-stop", "A song about a good mood", "Apple trees in bloom" will be performed in "Unexplained stars" , "Baba berries again", "We live something without excitement" and others.

Duration: 2 hours with intermission


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