Concert of the Moscow ensemble of spiritual music «Blagovest»

Concert of the Moscow ensemble of spiritual music «Blagovest»

«Easter Red»

The musical performance of the famous modern Russian composer Anton Viskov "Easter Red" was specially created for the Ensemble "Blagovest". The entire musical, story and text series is based on authentic folklore samples. Along with traditional Easter hymns, an ancient pre-Christian layer of Slavic folklore is represented here, authentic samples of folklore theater: "religious actions", religious processions.

"Demestinal Liturgy"

Along with the "All-Night" SV Rachmaninov "Demestvennaya Liturgy" by Alexander Grechaninov - one of the most famous works of Russian sacred music. Liturgy belongs to the best works of the composer. A striking feature of the Liturgy was the use of the organ, which, in combination with the Orthodox text, was unique for the beginning of the twentieth century. The inexhaustible melodic richness, harmonious brightness, rhythmic plasticity, the wide use of opera dramaturgy techniques, the depth and sincerity of the expression of the religious feelings of this work have won the love of the widest circle of listeners throughout the world.

Artistic director: Galina Koltsova
Duration: 2.5 hours with intermission


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