The play «Sleeping Beauty»

The play «Sleeping Beauty»

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The play is a laureate of the festival "Theaters of St. Petersburg for Children"

For the fourth century, the Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault is rightfully considered throughout the world as one of the most famous and beloved fairy tales. Charles Perrault published The Sleeping Beauty in 1697, but the origins of this story are lost in the depths of the Middle Ages. In the final "Sleeping Beauty" Perrault himself pointed out to her venerable age: "This fairy tale passed from mouth to mouth and finally reached us and you." She also reached the smallest spectators of the "Through the Looking Glass" theater.

The fairy tale is very chambered, under the piano - in the spirit of a domestic play. Home performances in Russia until the beginning of the XX century were part of everyday life. They were remembered with pleasure and trembling in their memoirs and autobiographies by outstanding representatives of Russian culture. And Tchaikovsky's house in Klin was probably a "scene" for some improvised performance. It is known that Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in his youth with great pleasure participated in domestic amateur theatrical performances. Perhaps, the youthful fascination with the stage then prompted the composer to turn seriously to the theater - opera and ballet. By the way, it was the music of Tchaikovsky's ballet The Sleeping Beauty that became the musical basis of the play. Perhaps for the little spectators "Sleeping Beauty" will not only be the first acquaintance with the theater, but also the discovery of the great music of P.I. Tchaikovsky. In the production of "Through the Looking Glass" in the arrangement for the piano will sound the most famous musical fragments of the famous ballet.

The performance is addressed to children and adults and is not at all like a classical ballet. Changing the costumes, built right there, in front of spectators, from "improvised means", the actors reincarnate in all the characters of the fairy tale of Charles Perrault - the king and the queen, the princess and the prince, become fairies, which, as the author of the fairy tale says, "in those days still lived here and there in the white world "... Only three young artists are engaged in the play. And also an accompanist, who will also have to try on a theatrical image. Young passion, humor, playful, improvisational elements in conjunction with the spiritualized romance of Tchaikovsky music will make the ancient fairy tale fascinatingly exciting, modern and very close for today's children.

And, perhaps, this production will convince viewers that it is time to revive the wonderful tradition of arranging small home plays for their family.


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