The play «My Happiness»

The play «My Happiness»

Soviet play Chervinsky Andrew Gorbaty puts on the revival of the world. After the war, life split in two - before the catastrophe and after the disaster. A new life is rising from the ruins. How to build the future - from scratch anew or restoring the broken connections between times? Can the world begin again by forgetting its own past? Could this be everyone? And can we live forgetting?

"My Happiness" is a life-affirming story. The postwar city rises from the ruins. Young Victoria, the oldest pioneer leader, educates the pupils of her school and dreams about her child - about the continuation of life. Continuity of links between generations, an inextricable chain of epochs and times is the main theme of this history.

Both the main characters, Victoria and Semyon, look to the future, but each in its own way: Victoria - always remembering the past, Semyon - renouncing it. Will they be happy together? No. Will they be happy individually? Victoria is definitely yes. With all the responsibility incurred for the integrity of life, with the brand of the daughter of the enemies of the people, with the deceased parents, with the unborn child - this girl will be happy because she loves and knows how to love life, people, homeland, past and future. Semyon - who knows ...

Director: Andrey Gorbatyj-ml.
Scenography and costumes: Vasily Semyonov, Natalia Grosheva
Music: Andrey Didik
Lighting Designer: Igor Tupikin
Video: Alexander Malyshev
In the play are occupied: Arina Lykova, Anton Momot, Gabriel Fedotov, Vera Latysheva, George Voronin and others.


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