The rock musical «TODD»

The rock musical «TODD»

"Todd" is not a sugary musical, not entertainment "at once with popcorn". This is a completely new reading of the old London legend. In the work eternal Hamlet questions sound and the Shakespearian passions flare up in earnest. Here it is necessary to think and empathize.

The story of the musical was based on the London history of the XVII century about the barber of Sweeney Todd. "The story that we are now playing ... half ridiculous, half dramatic ... This is a story about the suffering of a person" - talked about the play Mikhail Gorshenev, the author of the idea of ​​setting and one of the creators of the play. "Todd" is a story of betrayal, love, passion, loyalty, destruction, about truth and lies, about revenge, retribution and hope.

Already for several epochs, the mysterious and gloomy character of Sunni Todd, about the reality of which historians are arguing up to now, inspires artists to create literary works, films and plays. Again and again, the famous Broadway theaters and advanced opera houses turn to the story of Todd. Among them are Royal Opera House in London, The New York City Opera and many others.

Rock musical "Todd", or "zong-opera" - a unique theatrical and musical production, which is a complex multi-level narrative: dramatic, musical and plastic. The dramatic action is interspersed with vocal-musical episodes, combinations of choreographic and trick elements.

The main component of the musical is vocal compositions, called "The Three-Rounder Opera" by B. Brecht, "Zongas". For the domestic production of "Todd" was specially written a new libretto (script). And on the basis of this libretto, Mikhail Gorshenyov composed a musical score (soundtrack) of the whole play. This soundtrack became the basis for the last double album of the band "King and the Jester" and at the same time an audio version of the rock musical "Todd", where instead of the roles of the storytellers of the play one can hear the story of Veniamin Smekhov, whose voice can not be confused with anyone. This audio version is very desirable to listen before acquaintance with a rock musical - then you will be guaranteed 100% pleasure from viewing the action on the stage.

The performance is accompanied by a live musical accompaniment of the musicians "The King and the Jester", who can be seen throughout the performance, on stage, behind a large glass wall, which is an effective part of the musical scenery.


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