Presentation of the album Alive In New Light
March 27 in the St. Petersburg club A2 will perform IAMX - one of the most mysterious and mysterious groups of our time!

IAMX - created in 2004 by Chris CORNER the London musical collective, instantly become an icon of shocking and unordinary. Using Alterego IAMX, the musician quickly created his own brand-name sound, which is nothing like that, which is a synthesis of electronic rock, dance bits and emotion-filled ballads. It is impossible not to mention the bold, partly adventurous lyrics that raise questions of love, death, dependence and gender.
The band is known for incredibly energetic and theatrical live performances. Unusual stage costumes and spectacular visual effects are thought out to the smallest detail, and stage scenery, including props, is often designed by CORNER himself and other members of his team.

IAMX itself describes its concerts as a storm of feelings, emotions and sexual movements. This is a very intimate process that lasts throughout the performance, during which the audience interacts directly with the artists.
In February 2018, the band will present their new album Alive In New Light, which featured an outstanding American tattoo artist and gallery owner, Catherine von DRACHENBERG, known under the pseudonym Kat Von D. On working with Chris, Catherine jokes: "We could safely switch cabinets or beauticians - no one would notice the difference. We are both creative people, this is normal. "

"The Russian listener is close to the spirit of tragedy and melancholy inherent in IAMX, which is why we are so loved here," Chris CORNER said on the popularity of the group in our country. At the MAXIDROM festival in 2016, he also admitted that he himself has a special connection with the Russian audience: "I love Russia and always gladly go to you!"

Do not miss the chance on March 27 at the club "A2 Green Concert" to enjoy this unique symbiosis of shocking, sexuality and emotional candor that promises mysterious IAMX on their show.


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