Denis Maidanov

Denis Maidanov

Russian radio and Channel 5 represent the concert of Denis Maidanov - "Half a lifetime on the road"

Denis Maidanov is an artist whose concerts always enjoy special success among the citizens of St. Petersburg. On February 16, on the eve of his birthday, in his native BKZ "Oktyabrsky" the author-performer will present the program "Half a lifetime on the road." The name of the show symbolizes a certain boundary, when it is possible to sum up the subtotal. We will hear the most iconic and favorite songs of the author-artist, collected from albums of different years. But it will not be an ordinary concert - a special place in the program will be devoted to songs about love. Maidanov's songs "What the wind will leave ..." and "Wife" became real hits of 2017 and collected all the important music awards.

During his career, Denis Maidanov wrote and performed dozens of songs that became folk songs and received many awards for them: "Song of the Year", "Golden Gramophone", "Sound Track MK", "Chanson of the Year", "Stars of the Road Radio", " People's Choice Peter FM ». In his account, as well as soundtracks for the popular TV series 5 channel: "City of Special Purpose" and "Investigator Protasov." In addition, Denis wrote a hymn to the action of Channel 5 "Day of Good Deeds", which was performed by Russian pop stars. The utmost openness and sincerity, a hundred per cent return and a real live drive is what distinguishes Maidanov concerts. An invitation to his concert is like a call from an old friend who does not miss.


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