The play «Shirley Valentine»

The play «Shirley Valentine»

The heroine plays a popular British playwright Willie Russell - an ordinary housewife for 40. The children grew up. One day is like the other. And the husband notices her only when on Thursdays instead of steak dinner is served fried eggs and potatoes. And while Shirley, drinking wine, talking with the wall in the kitchen, her life flows through her fingers. But Shirley is not an ordinary woman. Inside it - a real "time bomb", which works, just in her hands is a ticket for a plane to Greece ...

Shirley's story and the story Shirley told us is a confidential conversation with the viewer, from whom the adventurer is restlessly optimistic, confident that his life is never too late to change. She could have happened anywhere - at least in Liverpool, at least in Moscow. But the finale is not trivial. A new performance of the Comedy Theater - about a man who takes his life into his own hands under the influence of momentum and goes on an exciting journey - to himself. The story of a man who dares to act and suffers ... success.

Genre: Drama
Author: Willie Russell
Director: Andrzej Buben
Artist: Elena Dmitrikova
Composer: Gleb Kolyadin
Translation from English: Daria Frolova
Actors: Honored Artist of Russia Elena Rufanova
Premiere: 18 March 2017


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