The play «Stalin. Night»

The play «Stalin. Night»

"Stalin did not die, he dissolved in the future." These words, said by Charles de Gaulle in the year of the death of the tyrant (60 years ago), alas, proved to be prophetic. No, perhaps, in today's Russia, a name that causes more bitter arguments than the name of Joseph Dzhugashvili. The range of judgments about him has no limits: from "the greatest ruler" to "the bloodthirsty tyrant of all times and peoples".

Director Leonid Alimov and the actors are also trying to deal with this most complex phenomenon and ask themselves and viewers very difficult and uncomfortable questions: why for thirty years the fate of a huge and multi-million country depended on the will of one person? And who was he - "paranoid", "devil" or just an angry and envious person whose sole purpose was to keep by any means his one-man power? What high ideals of revolution, socialism, communism and a bright future can you justify what Stalin and his henchmen have done to Russia and its people? And most importantly, why did Russia allow this to happen?

Genre: Drama
Author: L. Alimov's play based on works by V. Nekrasov
Production by Leonid Alimov
Costume Designer: Olga Bystrova
Lighting Designer: Boris Kuznetsov
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes


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