The play «Morality of Happiness»

The play «Morality of Happiness»

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"Tickets of Happiness" is a play about the Russian emigration of the Silver Age. About the artist Alexander Vertinsky, the poets Georgi Ivanov and Vladislav Khodasevich. The whole performance is built on songs and poems. Getting into the world of real poetry, we find ourselves "behind the scenes", we see not the parade life. What did Khodasevich, Ivanov, Vertinsky dream about? Come back home? This dream was sometimes so amazing that it can be compared with the evangelical dream of "our fatherland in heaven", the homeland in their imagination and is that desired kingdom where one wants to always return.

Arietki Vertinsky, Andrei Svyatsky performs, using receptions and puppet theater. For him, this is justified by the fact that Vertinsky often writes his works on behalf of different characters, masks. Including himself, he appears as a character. The irony conceals bitterness and pain. Of all the three heroes in Russia, only Vertinsky managed to return, and his life in the "new homeland" was very difficult. Also in the performance will sound songs of French chansonnier, unobtrusive, slightly ironic and so related to the songs of Alexander Verytinsky.

Sings: Andrey Svyatsky
Guitar: Alexander Woolla
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes with intermission


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