The play «Oh, These Fears»

The play «Oh, These Fears»

The play is devoted to the theme of children's fears that arise in their lives and about how parents should help their children overcome them. One dark, dark night, in one dark dark room, the children's room ... the children were having fun telling horror stories. Only little Ruby is completely not happy about this. But can you show your friends that you are afraid? Of course not!

Oh, that night! But today, Ruby will understand that everything in the world is a fairy tale filled with funny creatures. And if you look bravely in the face of your fear, he will become the most loyal and reliable friend. And the night, you will not believe - the most comfortable time. And at night it's not scary. A fun interactive show in which small viewers will become participants in the action.

Genre: Children's play
Director: Alexandra Mamkaeva
Artist: O. Goryacheva
Composer: Irina Peeva
Premiere: November 13, 2016


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