Grandiose Return of the Legends of World Rock!

The world could have expected anything from Ritchie Blackmore, but his loud statement about the nearest Rainbow concert reunion first plunged all rock music fans into shock, and then caused great enthusiasm. Still - about 20 years, the most virtuosic musician in the world did not take in his hands an electric guitar, selflessly giving himself up to the Renaissance. It seemed that he had long closed the crazy world of rock and roll and heavy music on steel bars, and would never open them again. But the demon Richie Blackmore woke up, which means that the sold-out at several European festivals is not all. In the spring of 2018, RICHI BLACKMOR himself with the recreated RAINBOW will come to ST PETERSBURG with the program Memories in Rock 2018! Truly, a great event with historical significance!

The set list of the concert can be guessed, but somehow impressive - an imperishable classic, which everyone knows and expects. In addition to the best things from all the Rainbow periods, with a major focus on the "Stargazer", "Since You Been Gone" and "Man on the Silver Mountain", he includes the main hits of Deep Purple. And not only those that were created during the golden age ("Highway Star", "Perfect Strangers", "Black Night", "Lazy", "Smoke on the Water" and even "Child in Time"), but also those , which were recorded with David Coverdale ("Soldier of Fortune", "Burn", "Mistreated").

"The main idea was to find good musicians. Unlike many, I like to disclose unknown talents that can contribute something new to my music. I never thought about how successful or unsuccessful the team will be. I just tried to create music at the highest quality standards. My music has never hit the charts, but I think the most important thing is belief in yourself. I believe that this is why RAINBOW managed to create a number of memorable albums that are valued at least as much as the DEEP PURPLE albums, "Richie comments in an interview on the eve of the speeches in Europe.

However, it's quite reckless to call the musicians of the 13th composition Rainbow absolutely unknown. Drummer David Keith and bassist Bob Nouveau have already played with the great Blackmore in Blackmore's Night. Keyboard player Jens Johansson has long earned fame for one of the best rock pianists in Stratovarius. And only Chilean vocalist Ronnie Romero remained a "dark horse" until he received an invitation to audition.

Discovering the vocals of Romero, Ritchie promisingly labeled him as "... a cross between Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury ...". It was then, realizing that Romero will cope with the concert repertoire, Blackmore finally decided that it was time to Rainbow! In turn, Ronnie Romero, knowing that one day Blackmore discovered unknown Gillan and Dio, enthusiastically admitted - he was damn lucky! In an interview with Billboard, Richie Blackmore said that, given his age - he will turn 73 on the eve of Russian concerts, - I want to play "a bit of rock 'n' roll": old stuff, songs of Deep Purple and Rainbow. "I do it for the sake of fans, for the sake of nostalgia ..."

The great guitarist Richie Blackmore belongs to those brilliant musicians who turn everything into gold into anything they touch. In the early 70's he laid the foundations of the style of hard rock, as the leader of the cult band Deep Purple. In the "zero" became one of the most popular folk musicians, creating Blackmore's Night. And in 1975 he founded one of the best rock bands on the planet - RAINBOW.

Going on tour, Richie emphasizes: the upcoming Rainbow performances are not a revival, but a tribute to the past and almost the final chord in his career as a hard rock guitarist. Reminding the world how he knows how to play rock, Blackmore plans to soon return to his favorite music of the Renaissance and soft folklore motifs.

So if you want to know how the greatest rock songs should sound real, be sure to come to the Ice Palace on the 11th of April for the greatest reunion in the world - RAINBOW with Richie Blackmore!

The concert will begin with the performance of the warm-up group.


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