The play «Cat Who Walked by Herself»

The play «Cat Who Walked by Herself»

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This story occurred at a time when manual animals were wild, people free, and houses "stone." In the cave a Cat came to the Man. She settled there for good, and followed by the other quadrupeds: a dog, a horse, a cow. They fell in love with Man and began to serve him faithfully, but only the Cat, the wise, graceful Cat, retained its own independence. The philosophical tale of R. Kipling tells simple, understandable and children, and the adult language about what freedom, friendship, responsibility and love are. It teaches kids and their parents to protect each other, respect someone else's opinion, and treats with understanding the weaknesses of their household members.

The colorful production magically carries young spectators to the mysterious and beautiful world of the theater, where everything "from ear to tail" is filled with imagination, humor and touching lyricism. Moreover, again and again recalls one simple rule formulated a century ago by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "We are always responsible for those who have tamed."

Genre: Children's play
Author of the play: Nonna Slepakova
Directed by: Vladimir Tumanov
Artist: Stefania Graourokiteite
Choreographer: Nikolay Reutov
Music: Yuri Vavilov
Actors: Tatiana Vorotnikova, Elizaveta Kuzmina, Vitaly Kuzmin, Yaroslav Vorotntsov, Irina Sotikova, Natalya Shostak
Duration: 2 hours with a single intermission


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