The  play «Lovers»

The play «Lovers»

The poetic comedy Carlo Goldoni was first staged in Russia at the Comedy Theater. The well-known translator and researcher of the work of Carlo Goldoni, Svetlana Bushueva, specially translated this play for Tatiana Kazakova after the premiere of her performance "Samodury" at the Theater. The Leningrad City Council. From the day of its first performance in 1998, this extraordinarily beautiful setting, filled with the atmosphere and rhythms of the Venetian carnival, was a kind of "hit" of the Comedy Theater - the St. Petersburg newlyweds even had a tradition after solemn registration of marriage in wedding dresses to go to a theatrical performance. Because "Lovers" is a poem about passion.

Disturbed peace in the house of the old city dweller Fabrizio, in the soul of his niece settled love. Like a young wine, instantly exploding and long quiet, she wanders in the heart of Eugenia, depriving the peace of both herself and her lover. The feeling that unites the couple in passionate impulses, then, blinded by jealousy, throws into the abyss of desperate acts and groundless strife. And all these frenzy will not end until the wedding takes place.

Genre: Lyrical comedy
Author: Carlo Goldoni
Director: Tatiana Kazakova

  • Fabrizio - Vitaliy Kuklin
  • Eugenia - Love Virolainen
  • Fulgenzio - Alexander Matveyev
  • Flamminia - Elena Meleshkova
  • Clorinda - Natalia Shostak
  • Roberto - Honored Artist of Russia Dmitry Lebedev
  • Rudolfo - Yaroslav Vorontsov
  • Luchetta - Tatyana Vorotnikova
  • Выплюньсейчас - People's Artist of Russia Valery Nikitenko / Honored Artist of Russia Pavel Isaikin
  • Tonino - Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Vasilyev

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes


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