The play «Cream, Jam & Boogie Woogie»

The play «Cream, Jam & Boogie Woogie»

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At the heart of the libretto is "Cream, Jam & Boogie Woogie" - a story about the adventures of the famous heroes Mark Twain - Tom Sawyer, Haeckelbury Finn, Sid and Becky. The authors of the play moved them to the American city of St. Petersburg, in the era of boogie-woogie and rock'n'roll - in the 50s of the last century.

Colorful, sparkling neon lights decorations, original costumes, reminiscent of the famous Broadway productions, the dynamic dances with which the musical is saturated - everything conveys the enchanting atmosphere of that bright time. And the rules of the game on stage are determined by music. Knowing that her author is a classic of Russian rock and roll - Maxim Leonidov, we can say with certainty that the musical is waiting for success.

The swift and unexpected intrigue of the spectacle, which is exciting from the first minutes, unfolds in the café-confectionery "Cream, jam and boogie woogie", where children and their parents are so fond of looking for sweets and delicacies. The city has a grand holiday, a big talent contest has been announced, but the ill-starred protagonist, Tom Sawyer, can not participate in it. He fell ill and lies in bed. His friends - gay adventurers Huck, Sid and Becky - came up with an incredible plan. They will definitely get to the competitions and win them. But how? The heroes of the play - desperate urchins and young dreamers invite their spectators to a mysterious flight of imagination, into an exciting and cheerful journey at that distant time, which seems to us a colored, colored musical card.

Genre: Children's musical performance
Author: Maxim Leonidov, Alexander Shavrin
Producer; libretto: Andrey Noskov
Music; libretto: Maxim Leonidov
Libretto: Alexander Shavrin

  • Tom - Nikita Bochenkov / Eric Ongemach
  • Becky - Evdokia Malevskaya / Alina Sidorova
  • Huck - Andrei Smirnov / Pavel Markov
  • Sid - Ilya Smirnov / Kirill Kharchenko
  • Sheriff - Andrey Noskov / Sergey Safronov / Alexander Matveev
  • Odysseus - Roman Nikitin / Alexander Shpynev

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes


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