The play «Nothing But Trouble»

The play «Nothing But Trouble»

The performance "Solid troubles", staged on the unusually popular play by the American authors Mac Jimen and Ira Levin "It's hard to be a sergeant" - the spectacle is bright and unusual. There are a lot of music and dances, jazz tunes and zangs sounded to the performance by the famous St. Petersburg bard Alexander Dolsky. Acute comedy, the impetuosity of action, action, dynamics of presentation - are combined in an original and harmonious way with the lyrical tonality of the stage narrative.

The heroes of the play are two recruits Will and Ben, whose occasional acquaintance in absurd and difficult conditions of service grows into a real male friendship. And it is unclear what in their full story adventure more - funny or touching. The adventures of a simpleton, such a noble warrior with a pure naive soul, and seemingly quite unsuited to the life of an intelligent intellectual, become an occasion for serious reflection. The army anecdote suddenly turns into a serious conversation, and honesty and naivete turn out to be just that force that helps to crush the automatism of army everyday life and show real heroism.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Mak Jimen, Ira Levin
Director: Tatiana Kazakova
Choreographer: Nikolay Reutov

  • Prima Donna - Honored Artist of Russia Natalia Andreeva / Alisa Polubentseva
  • Will Stockdale - Alexander Matveyev
  • Ben Wheatlege - Alexander Korneyev
  • Sergeant King - Honored Artist of Russia Nikolai Smirnov
  • Irvine Brenched - Vitaly Kuzmin / Boris Chistyakov

Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes


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