The play «Visit of the Lady»

The play «Visit of the Lady»

The play of Dürrenmatt, consonant with the present day, improbably rhymes with the headlines of information tabloids, as if recalling that times change, and people with their vices and passions remain the same.

Nothing threatened the quiet and serene life of the small cozy town of Gullen, until the former resident of the multi-millionaire Clara Tsakhanesyan arrived in it. She promised her fellow citizens the smallest - a billion conventional units in exchange for the unconditional killing of a man who once committed a meanness towards her. Former lover Alfred Ill betrayed Clara and bribed witnesses in court, denying the paternity of their common child. The child died, and Clara was at the bottom of her life. But now she has money for revenge. The thought of easy and fast enrichment so quickly captures the townspeople, that no one even remembers honor, truth and propriety.

The story of the mimicry of the "little man", turning him into an "aggressively obedient majority" Durrenmatt, the master of the epic narrative, tells wittily and metaphorically, saturating the action with almost surreal images and collisions. However, caustic satire is only one side of his play, a background one, inscribed in a dramatic context. The story of the relationship between the main characters of Clara and Illa, written in a subtle psychological vein, shows how to just lose life and miss your happiness and how terrible it is to realize it after many years.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director: Tatiana Kazakova

  • Clara Tsakhanesyan, born Vesher, multi-millionaire - People's Artist of Russia Irina Mazurkevich
  • Clara's husband number 7; the first reporter - Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Mironov
  • Clara's husband number 8; the judicial executor; second reporter - Vitaly Kuzmin
  • Butler - People's Artist of Russia Yuri Lazarev
  • Ill - Honored Artist of Russia Dmitry Lebedev
  • Ilya's wife - Elena Meleshkova / Elizaveta Aleksandrova
  • Illa's daughter - Tatyana Vorotnikova

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes


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