The play «Where the Dog is Buried»

The play «Where the Dog is Buried»

In the play Where the Dog is buried, Alexey Slapovsky's favorite theme sounds heartfelt and simple: how many people do not live their own lives. But how a little it is decided to change it ... Leave in the past, throw everything - things, documents, name, surname, all previous life? Is it good? What is behind this, and what motivates a person?

Man and woman. Two mysterious worlds. Two different experiences. In the station's first-aid post of the provincial town there are two. He, the traveling "traveling" Victor, leads on a leash a randomly picked up dog and demands that it be cured. She, a beautiful lonely doctor with an exotic name Lipa, threatens to call the police. History, which began as a strange anecdote, gradually acquires the features of psychological phantasmagoria. For a short period of time, without leaving the medical center, a man and a woman, trying to understand themselves and in another, either live or fantasize different versions of their past and future lives. What is the truth, and where is the lie? Lovers and mistresses, husbands and wives, memories and dreams merge into a motley carnival ...

Different options for possible relationships, which the heroes lose, appear as a thriller, then as a melodrama. But the real life, as usual, is more complicated than any genre models. Will the heroes succeed in overcoming their internal barriers and fears, will it be possible to "jump" into the outgoing train? The rich playful potential of the play by Slapovsky opens up for the four actors in the play a lot of opportunities for reincarnation.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Alexey Slapovsky
Directed by: Sergei Puskepalis

  • Lipa - Honored Artist of Russia Elena Rufanova
  • Victor - Honored Artist of Russia Dmitry Lebedev
  • Nina - Elena Meleshkova
  • Seryozha - Anatoly Khropov

Duration: 2 hours


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