The play «Holy Family»

The play «Holy Family»

The intrigue of the play of the famous Italian comedian Aldo Nikolai "The Holy Family" is twisted masterfully and paradoxically. In the hope of correcting their greatly shaken affairs, the family of losers, gangsters who traded in small scams, goes "on a big deal" and steals a young girl from a rich family. The daughter of a millionaire instantly turns ordinary mafia everyday life into a big crazy house.

Behind the frank comedy of situations and characters lies the diversity of meanings and the truth of human relationships. In addition, it seems that the play was written yesterday - it accurately reflects our current realities. The rapidity of action, the perfection of the dramatic construction of this "well-made play" enables the directors to turn the play into a bright and spectacular theatrical spectacle.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Aldo Nikolai
Artistic director of the production: Tatyana Kazakova
Director: Vitaliy Lubsky

  • Father - Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Kuznetsov
  • Mother - Elena Meleshkova
  • Son - Alexander Matveyev / Denis Lukichev
  • Louise - Elizabeth Alexandrova
  • Vilda - Lyubov Virolainen / Dariya Lyatetskaya
  • Neighbor - People's Artist of Russia Valery Nikitenko / Igor Lepikhin

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


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