The play «Shadow»

The play «Shadow»

Nikolai Pavlovich is devoted to Akimov

"Shadow" - the play-legend does not leave the playbill of the Comedy Theater for more than 70 years. Different director's versions, star roles, always the actual irony of the text ... Every year the theater opens its season "Shadow" - in memory of Nikolai Akimov, specially for which Eugene Schwartz wrote his ever-young play. In one fabulous country, whose inhabitants are forced to lead a completely uninhabited life - cannibals work as journalists and appraisers in the city pawnshop, and the "girl who stepped on bread" made a career as a pop star, the Scientist comes to make her residents happy. However, she faces her own insidious Shadow, who hastens to take his place - in the heart of the Princess - and get rid of her master. The irony and grotesque, the sinister atmosphere of the carnival - all this in the spectacular performance of Tatiana Kazakova.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Evgeny Shvarts
Director: Tatiana Kazakova

  • The scientist - Denis Zaitsev
  • Shadow of the Scientist - Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Russkin
  • Annunziata - Tatyana Vorotnikova
  • Princess - Elizabeth Kuzmina
  • Julia Julie - Honored Artist of Russia Natalia Andreeva
  • Doctor - Honored Artist of Russia Nikolay Smirnov
  • Pietro, the owner of the hotel - People's Artist of Russia Yuri Lazarev
  • Caesar Borgia, journalist - Alexander Matveev / Cesar Borgia, journalist
  • First Minister - Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Mironov
  • Minister of Finance - People's Artist of Russia Valery Nikitenko
  • The secret counselor; majordomo - Alexey Krasnozvetov / Mikhail Slivnikov
  • Ceremonies master - Vitaly Kuzmin
  • Corporal; sister of mercy and entertainment - Vitaly Kuklin
  • Sister of charity and entertainment; resting, beggar - Yaroslav Vorontsov

Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes


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