The play «Gamblers»

The play «Gamblers»

The detective plot of the play captures even an experienced puzzle-lover. In the provincial hotel there are card players of the highest qualification. They unite to break the "big jackpot", having beaten the local landowner with the help of the crimped cards. Who will take the bank and become a lucky beggar is unknown. After all, the game - a tricky thing: today you'll be lucky, and tomorrow you'll lower everything in ten minutes.

The protagonist Ikharev, unlike his "comrades" in skill, is not just an adventurer and swindler, he is an obsessed man, the genius of his work. For him, the game is poetry, not without reason, the object of his heartfelt feelings is Adelaide Ivanovna - a magic deck of cards, a symbol of happiness and the hero's luck. But, as is known, even the most skillful deceiver will always find a deceiver more cunning. In Gogol's comedy, there is everything for a successful performance: fascinating intrigue, sparkling humor, fascinating plot, expertly polished dialogues.

Genre: detective drama
Author: Nikolay Gogol
Director: Tatiana Kazakova

  • Iharev, card game sharper - Denis Zaitsev
  • Consolatory Stepan Ivanovich - Alexander Matveev
  • Shvokhnev Petr Petrovich - Vitaly Kuklin
  • Krugel, Colonel - Mikhail Slivnikov
  • Glov Mikhail Alexandrovich; Zamukhryshkin Psoy Stakhich - Alexander Korneyev
  • Gavryusha, servant of Ikharev - Alexey Krasnozvetov
  • Glova Jr. - Stas Kablukov

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes


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