Musical play «Sun of Paris»

Musical play «Sun of Paris»

The joint project "Premiere" and the theater "HIT" Russia and "Musidrama" France. With the support of the Government of France and the Government of St. Petersburg.

How can a poor boy from an Italian village make a step towards his dream and become a great singer-chansonnier and a famous actor who conquered the whole world? What should a man do when he finds himself between Merlin Monroe and Simone Senhor? Even if your name is Yves Montand ... For one evening we will take you to sunny France, where women are kind and beautiful, men are courageous and generous, and music is eternal.

A "live" musical performance in which the magnificent Irina Medvedeva creates images of the three greatest women, Edith Piaf, Simona Senhore, Merlin Monroe and the wonderful St. Petersburg artist Andrey Smelov as Yves Montana. And also Arthur Yeranosov, revealed not only as a wonderful jazz musician, but also as a talented actor.
And most importantly, everything is just "here and now" ...

The performance will feature songs from the repertoire of Willow Montana, Edith Piaf and Marilyn Monroe to the music and poems of Charles Trenet, Hubert Giraud, Henri Comte, Francis Lemarque, Francis Le, Pierre Baroux, Joseph Cosm, Jacques Prever, Mireille Mathieu, Boris Mokrousov , Edith Piaf and many others.

Genre: Musical performance
Authors: Sergei Skomorokhov, Boris Birman
Directed by: Sergei Skomorokhov, Samuel Seine (France)
In the play are busy: Andrey Smelov, Irina Medvedeva, Arthur Yeranosov / Yury Shchelkanov
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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