The play «Tsar PJOTR»

The play «Tsar PJOTR»

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The performance-laureate of special nominations for the highest theater prize of St. Petersburg "Golden Sofit" -2003, nominee of "Golden Sofit" -2004, participant of the international project Magic Net "Classic and teenager".

Joint project of the experimental stage of the theater festival "Baltic House" and "MUZTheater" in Zaandam (Netherlands). The Performance of the Experimental Stage under the direction of the State Prize laureate Anatoly Proudin

The play of Eva K. Matisseen about Peter I became for the director Anatoly Proudin an occasion to create a simple but capacious scenic narrative. For adults, this is a healing journey through the bowels of one's own soul. For teenagers, it is an absorbing and easily digestible "manual on Russian history", which gives an opportunity to look at the "great and terrible" king simply, without piety and fear, and therefore - to try to understand. Peter the Great in the so-called mass consciousness has long turned into a mythical scarecrow, at the sight of which a mere mortal becomes somehow uncomfortable. Whether it's the majestic Bronze Horseman, the thunder-clad titan of Nikolai Simonov or the stooping Shemyakin freak, between him and us is the abyss. "Russian Tale" returns to Peter the human face. In it, as in history, the miraculous gets along with the terrible, and you have to pay for everything ...

Author: Eva K. Matisseen
Director: Anatoly Praudin
Scenography and costumes: Xenia Burlankova, Evgenia Gladkaya, Yaroslav Danilyuk
Music: Jan Willem van Krussen, Jan van Reinsouver
Musical folklore design, vocals: Irina Peeva
Premiere: September 15, 2003
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes


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