The play «Trees Die Standing»

The play «Trees Die Standing»

The performance is addressed to all lovers of melodramatic stories and a brilliant actor's play. Funny and funny situations, rallies and adventurous adventures of the heroes in the performance of the master of St. Petersburg direction Alexander Belinsky give viewers not only the opportunity to have fun, but also to think about their own lives.

Once the lord Balboa expelled his grandson and only heir from the house, unable to withstand his terrible behavior and selfishness. But for many years he wrote letters on behalf of the grandson to his wife, who was endlessly suffering from separation. Letters talked about a well-established life, convinced of the change in the character of the former thief and the rude. And after twenty years the grandson returns ...

Author: Alejandro Casona
Translation from Spanish: N.L. Trauberg
Scenic edition and production: na.a of Russia Alexander Belinsky
Director: Z.A. Russia Valentina Vinogradova
Premiere: April 20, 2012
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes with intermission


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