The play «You and I»

The play «You and I»

Why do people who are so needed to each other can not be together? Children and parents, men and women all their lives go to mutual understanding, but in the end they come face to face with emptiness.

The heroes of the play of the contemporary Russian playwright Ilya Chalky can not be called happy: vanity, lies, grief, suffering ... Childish grievances are replaced by family quarrels - the boy becomes a man and causes pain no longer to the mother, but to the beloved girl, then to the wife. The history of Dmitry's relationship with Clowness - a strange character representing all women, whom Dmitry met on his way, becomes an eternal story about the struggle between Love and Solitude.

Author: Ilya Chlaki
Director: Yuri Yadrovsky
Set Designer: Themistocles Atmadzas
Costume Designer: Olga Atmadzas
Premiere: 24 July 2013
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes


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