The play «Other People's Husbands Do Not Happen»

The play «Other People's Husbands Do Not Happen»

"There are no strangers" - says Elizabeth, the main character of the hilarious comedy of the same name. She lives in an elite apartment in the center of Dublin. Solves his financial problems, being the mistress of two married gentlemen, whom he meets on different days of the week. But, with the unexpected arrival of her friend Annette, there is a collapse of the spent scheme. At one point in this ill-fated apartment there are all: unfaithful husbands, they are lovers, their wicked wives, they are desperate housewives, and the culprits of these incredible events are the light-minded Elizabeth and her unlucky girlfriend. How will this meeting be resolved? How will the heroes get out of a difficult situation? You will find out by visiting our performance. 2 hours of enchanting humor and Irish coloring will make the evening unforgettable.

Genre: love comedy
Actors: Eduard Radziukevich, Andrey Kaikov, Ekaterina Vulechenko, Maria Slastenkova, Nikita Zabolotny
Duration: 2 hours with intermission


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