Musical tale for the whole family «Chudo-Yudo»

Musical tale for the whole family «Chudo-Yudo»

The producer company "Makers Lab", the creators of the musicals "Master and Margarita" and "Demon Onegin", presents its new project - a musical fairy tale for the whole family "Miracle-Yudo"

The play is based on the Russian "Tales of Tsar Berendeye," written almost two hundred years ago by writer Vasily Zhukovsky. This tale is also known to the general public for the screen version of "Varvara-Krasa, a long braid" directed by Alexander Rowe. Music for "Miracle-Yudo" was written by composer Anton Tanonov, the author of music for musicals "Demon Onegin" and "Master and Margarita".

The French company "CubicPrint" is working on the creation of 3D-scenery, they also develop scenographic solutions for tricks, flights, carousel caramel and other attractions. Costumes are created by the Russian fashion designer Igor Gulyaev, in honor of which one of the main characters of the fairy tale is named - Tsar Eremey Gulyaev, the first Russian fashion designer. Specially for the fairy tale Igor Gulyaev, together with Anna Nazukova and the company "Vozrozhdenie", made a whole collection of fashionable clothes "A la Russe". Dynamic plot of the fairy tale, full of intrigue and adventure, takes the viewer to the cloudy distance, then to the world of "Zapodvodya", then to Rus-mother of the times of Tsar Berendey.

- Mom, how is it possible - do they soar above the stage like birds?
"How much water, she's going to flood the whole hall!"
"Are we flying over the clouds?"
- Carousel of sweets and cotton candy - is it edible?

One child from the auditorium on each show will be in a fairy tale and become her main character. Who is it? Maybe your daughter or your son? Your children will save Vasilisa and Vanya, forgive the insidious Murena and Kva-Kvu, play a new game "Gonyalo-ball", sing "Decree on fashion in Russia".

The main pride of the project is a make-up designed specifically for fairy-tale heroes - "Pop-art Fashion". Grim creates the illusion that not live people are playing on the stage, but animated characters of cartoons and comic books. This invention of the famous Russian make-up artist Tatyana Velichkina. The game with space and time, a mixture of fairy tales and reality, theater and animation - all this awaits you in the musical play "Miracle-Yudo".

The play is staged in Russian, there is no translation. The play comes with one intermission.

After the third bell, the entrance to the auditorium is categorically forbidden!

Director: S. Streisand, I. Stavissky, B. Malevsky
Composer: A.Tanonov
In the images of fantastic heroes will appear a brilliant cast: Anton Avdeev, Vera Sveshnikova, Denis Kiryakov, Anastasia Makeeva, Anastasia Azeeva, Roman Nikitin, Maria Lagatskaya, Oleg Kalabaev, Evdokia Malevskaya, Alina Sidorova.
Premiere of the play: September 17, 2016.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, 15 minutes intermission


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