Goran Bregovic Symphony orchestra, Сonductor Fabio Mastrangelo

Goran Bregovic Symphony orchestra, Сonductor Fabio Mastrangelo

Goran Bregovic and the "Wedding Funeral Orchestra", a large symphony orchestra "Northern Symphony" under the direction of conductor Fabio Mastrangelo. A unique musical-historical project "Three Letters from Sarajevo"

On February 10, at the Music Hall Theater in St. Petersburg, Goran Bregovic will present his long-awaited project "Three Letters from Sarajevo" - a violin concert accompanied by the orchestra "Northern Symphony" under the baton of Fabio Mastrangelo. "Three letters" are three violin solos, which are performed by representatives of different musical cultures, traditions and religions: Israel, Morocco and Russia.

"Three letters from Sarajevo" is really unique and to some extent a social, historical and cultural project. He demonstrates the powerful symbols of the Bosnian capital, emphasizes the peaceful coexistence of the three religions and the appalling reality of the Yugoslav wars. The original parts for three solo violins and an expressive musical composition symbolize the magnificent fusion of cultures that are inherent in Sarajevo, and the curse that has been beating the city since 1914.

Beginning to work on the project, Bregovic made a start from the image of his homeland: "Sarajevo is not just the name of the city, it's a metaphor for how good neighbors can live together for a long time, and then at some point start shooting at each other." To embody this metaphor in music, Bregovic uses a violin. In "Three Letters" solos are deliberately performed in three quite different manners: classical, as Christians play, eastern, as Muslims play in the East, and in the style of "klezmer", as Jews play.

"In my project, I try to switch from history to feelings, from feelings to joy, from sadness to dancing. I invited and united representatives of different cultures. Each of them put a part of his soul into this record. When talented people unite in one project, indeed, a miracle happens. "

"Three letters from Sarajevo", at first glance, dedicated to the history of the Bosnian capital, in fact tells us about ourselves, our features and contradictions: "God had no intention in the creation of the world to teach us how to live together. This is something that we must learn by ourselves, "says Bregovic.

The long-awaited premiere of the concert program will be held in St. Petersburg on February 9 and 10 at the "Music-Hall" theater. This evening will not leave anyone indifferent.


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