Student variety show «Mulk»

Student variety show «Mulk»

"Mulka" is a positive, cheerful, very cheerful performance, where the numbers of different genres are connected by a funny theatricalized vision of the students of the legendary St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Art. The main feature of a good evening is a great mood! Young hot students are ready to put their hand, foot, head, column and soffit to create such a mood. You will see a lot of pop numbers of a wide variety of genres. MULTS - a palette of emotions, from a modest giggling in the palm of your hand to Homeric laughter. Also, with our open mind and harvested corkscrew, our bar awaits you. Well, after the concert, you can let off steam on the dance floor. Shiganit from all the run of a long week into the atmosphere of a small holiday in the New Variety Theater! There is a cafe / bar during the program.

Children of 5 years are free, without providing a separate seat. With 5 years full ticket.

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes


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