Legends of Retro FM

Legends of Retro FM


It seems that very recently the whole Ice Palace sang and danced at last year's festival of the most popular radio station - and now the "LEGEND RETRO FM 2017" is coming! Time flies faster, but the real stars it's not at all! As always in December, the most famous artists will gather at a single festival, dedicated to popular music at once three decades - 70s, 80s and 90s. The three-hour show will unite domestic and foreign superstars, who will sing their best songs.

For twelve years the festival managed to acquire a whole army of fans and become obligatory for a visit. Time after time "RETRO FM LEGENDS" gather tens of thousands of spectators in Moscow and St. Petersburg, who dance with pleasure to the eternally young disco and sing along with the cult artists. Cassettes and vinyl are back in fashion, 80s and 90s are again relevant, so the next meeting with those who sang all of our favorite songs, you just can not miss!

Come to the "LEGEND RETRO FM" on December 16 to make a real journey in time and at the same time start celebrating the New Year! Do not miss the opportunity to buy the best tickets in advance! Gather old friends, invite colleagues - because this can only be seen once a year! The first and only music festival, uniting all generations, will be held very soon! Welcome to the national holiday of gold hits - "LEGENDS RETRO FM 2017" in St. Petersburg!

History: LEGENDS RETRO FM is one of the most popular music festivals in Russia, taking place in the format of the original production show. A unique feature of the festival is the revival of the stars and their return to the big stage. Religious groups such as DSCHINGHIS KHAN, ARMY OF LOVERS, ARABESQUE, SECRET SERVICE, ACE OF BASE, YAKI-DA were reunited on the "Legends", as well as many Russian musical projects gained their second wind. Year after year the festival collects sold out in both capitals, and its TV versions are broadcast on the main TV channels of the country. LETTERS RETRO FM is a show at the level of modern world standards, unexpected names in the playbill, bright and unusual design. And this is a unique festive atmosphere, long-awaited meetings of friends and classmates - and of course, the most beloved artists and the best music of the 70s, 80s, 90s!


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