The play «Save superbulky»

The play «Save superbulky»

The performance of the theater "The Center for Dramaturgy and Directing" together with theatrical production company "ArtSlend" with the support of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation.

The story of the girl Flora, set off on a dangerous journey through the world of her own fantasies. The usual squirrel in the heroine's view becomes a superhero and a real friend, able to save Flora from the gray routine and quarrels with her parents. With the help of animation, the viewer is immersed in the colorful world of comics, where alongside the real characters are multimedia characters. Projections appear right before the eyes of the audience, revealing to them the subconscious of the main character. Having understood and grown fond of beauty and a miracle in her fantasy world, Flora realizes that the fairy tale exists in real life.

"The Center for Drama and Directing" was founded in 1998 by Alexei Kazantsev and Mikhail Roshchin. The goal of the founders of the CDD was to help young filmmakers and playwrights realize their plans in search of new theater ideas. In different periods in the CDR, such directors and playwrights as Olga Subbotina, Vladimir Skvortsov, Vladimir Pankov, Marat Gatsalov, Kirill Serebrennikov, Vadim Danziger, Vladimir Ageev, Elena Isayeva, Alexander Zhelezov, Mikhail Ugarov, Vasily Sigarev, Ksenia Dragunskaya, Presnyakov brothers , Yaroslav Pulinovich, Yuri Klavdiev and many others. Performances of the Center for Drama and Directing have been repeatedly awarded with top awards and prizes at various Russian and international theater festivals.

The theatrical production company "ArtSlend" exists hardly more than two years. Among the implemented projects - the creation of an international educational program "Club of Young Producers", the production of the Bolshaya Ruda prose by G.Vladimova, joint projects with the Bolshoi Theater of Russia and the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, projects in Spain and the USA.


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