Play «Dreamer. Or why am I?»

Play «Dreamer. Or why am I?»

II Children's Festival "Children, Children for Children"

The performance of the Taste Theater at the Small Stage of the Chamber Music Theater "St. Petersburg Opera". A play about children who have children

An interactive play about dreams that helps parents talk about their childhood to their growing children. The play is a meeting of generations. The meeting of times. The play, which invites parents and children into the story, revitalizes, awakens to dream and follow the dream. "After all, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

The dreamer is 27 years old. And the story began with his birth. On the stage, he started a confidential conversation about the dream. Let it begin with a trip on the cot to the North Pole. In the process, it will still be woven from a thousand little things that the audience will add with their revelations and moods. The dreamer just reflects on people who were not crowded in a one-room apartment. They dreamed of traveling to distant countries and could get carried away by playing without tablets.

The Theater of Taste was founded in 2009 and creates performances at the junction of various forms: dramatic, musical art, comedy Del Arte, object theater and circus "Nouveau". The creators of the plays with the help of the language of the theater talk about the important - about the family, traditions, the memory of generations, and believe that today we need to think about the future in which our children will live. And you need to start with yourself.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


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